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Chris Ward

September 16, 2010

The Longest Yard

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Written by: Chris Ward

The road to redemption is quite a long one when it comes to a person trying to change their life for the better. While in theory, this would seem a very simple task to accomplish, yet in reality this is far from the case. In August 2007, Michael Vick pled guilty and was ultimately sentenced to 23 months in federal prison for his role in an interstate dog-fighting organization. His prison sentence recently ended in May 2009, though his financial situation continued to worsen, and a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in July 2008 has yet to be completely resolved.

While honing his athletic skills in the crime-riddled neighborhoods within Newport News, VA., Michael seemed to steer clear of trouble and instead focused his energies on football. Vick became an instant attraction at the high school level, which led to him being offered a full athletic scholarship at Virginia Tech, where his stardom increased as he continued to develop his football skills. In the 2001 NFL Draft, he was selected as the first overall draft pick, and was the first African American quarterback ever selected number one overall in the draft. There were so many good things happening in Michael’s life that it seemed things couldn’t go wrong or could it?

In 2006, Michael’s life began a roller coaster ride, from incidents involving obscene gestures to the Atlanta Falcons fans after a horrible home loss to the New Orleans Saints, allegations of his transmitting an STD to an unsuspecting female, suspicion of drug paraphernalia while transferring through Miami International Airport, and the most recent infamous dogfighting conviction.

One would think that all of the things that happened to Michael Vick would absolutely crush any man’s spirits and the will to live. In Vick’s case, he has seemly accepted his shortcomings and is willing to meet his challenges head-on, while trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his family, his teammates, the NFL fanbase, and the public.

While it seems that changing the perception of the NFL fanbase and public may be a tall task to accomplish, his family and the NFL players have forgiven his transgressions and offered their support. Michael has surrounded himself with positive people who will help to direct his path down the road to redemption. He needs to remember that in God’s eyes, all have sinned and come short of the glory, and should therefore take some solace that there is only one Being that has ultimate control over every situation, and this is where Vick CAN and WILL truly be redeemed.

About the Author

Chris Ward
Chris Ward
A self described “simple guy” Chris enjoys making people laugh (comedy may be in his futureJ), attending concerts and events and solving complex math problems and puzzles. He also enjoys traditional foods and will eat any and all types of seafood. His absolute favorite dish is gumbo with blue crab meat and shrimp. YUMMY! I’m getting hungry! Click NT logo below to read more.

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