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May 9, 2013

The Eyes of an Artist

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Written by: Angell Davis

Life often imitates art, and life through the eyes of an artist speaks volumes when images emulate their souls onto a canvas of imagination.  When one walks into the Adrian Pickett Gallery they are immediately surrounded by astonishing, unique and beautiful charcoal portraits of all types of people, including President Obama and famous musicians. Adrian’s art exhibits goes beyond the limitations of a certain style. His work displays his talents using oil watercolor, pastel and acrylic. He also presents an intricate way of sketching with an emphasis on charcoal shading techniques.  Orders for family and self-portraits, a variety of subjects and other mediums stream in from all over the country requesting an original drawing from Jacksonville’s own Adrian Pickett, Jr.

Adrian knew that he wanted to become an artist in grade school but the innate desire became more prevalent in high school when he felt connected to his art class over all his other classes. Motivation to be the best stemmed from competition and the ability to recognize good talent when he sees it.

A lot of my classmates were good but it was the ones who stood out that made me push my skills to the limit and step it up a notch.”

Working at an Airbrush shop at the age of 18 gave him more of a platform to explore his creativity.

adrian pickett1Adrian enjoyed painting but he slowly found himself drawn more to the sharpness and beauty of charcoal art. To further display his newfound passion for charcoal art, Adrian attended many showcases and often displayed his work at Jacksonville’s Artwalk events.  In 2010, the city of Jacksonville sought out to fill business spaces in the downtown area with artists. Out of the twenty artists who filled these spaces, only two of them were able to maintain their spots and one of them was the Adrian Pickett Gallery. The gallery shows Adrian’s independence by shifting art trends and staying true to his own visions. He attributes a lot of his success to his partner Elonya Davis who handles the business side of the gallery.

I am an artist by nature. I believe that my faith increases my talent. I believe that the quality of art should not be based on its medium nor canvas, but rather by the skill of the artist.” The gallery is full of art exhibits displaying the skills of his first collection. The photorealistic drawings take on a life of its own when you walk through the gallery.  These drawings, mostly in black and white, demonstrate an extraordinary attention to detail.  “I noticed that this first collection includes a lot of male celebrities so my next collection will be different and will have a woman’s touch to it. Women don’t get enough love anyway so this next collection will focus more on the women, along with working on more pieces to display my diversity.” Since its creation, the Adrian Pickett Gallery has evolved into a place not only for beautiful art but also a place of intimate gatherings. The gallery host and rents out space for a variety of events, providing exquisite entertainment combined with art.

One of the biggest obstacles Adrian faces is being labeled as someone who caters only to his own race. His clients consist of all races and hisadrian pickett2 portraits represent what’s important in his life at the time which usually has a diverse perspective. This diversity will be displayed in November where he will have an exclusive showing of 90 pieces of his own art at the downtown library in Atlanta. In December he expanded and opened up another gallery in Miami and has plans to take his success to a national level.


One of Adrian’s strongest beliefs is when you give, you’ll receive. He enjoys sowing seeds to many charities around town. This warm and giving spirit seems to spill over to his art and often have people wanting more.  It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and the soul of Adrian Pickett, Jr. can be found inside of the Adrian Pickett Gallery.  “As an artist I feel you should always express yourself without reservation, and the art I express will be like seeing life, and even seeing yourself, through another person’s eyes.”

Visit the Adrian Pickett Gallery inside of
The Jacksonville Landing
2 Independent Drive #112 |  (904) 300-5754

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Angell Davis
Angell Davis
Angell Marcella Davis is a Cleveland, OH native who has always had a passion for writing. Poetic, thoughtful, opinionated, and driven; she has been determined to get NtoU to greater summits for the last seven years. So far on her quest for excellence, Angell has yet to fail. Her constant smile would lead many to believe that making NtoU happen is easy, hence many have tried and few endured. In her most honest moments, Angell has revealed that doing this on her own is exhausting to say the least. Virtuous, sensitive, empathetic, and compassionate; still she perseveres, because in her own words, “I want to be that light in their (the readers) dark place.” Click NT logo below to read more.

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