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The Heart of Emalee

The month of February, over the past few years, has taken on a more personal and sentimental role in my life as February is American Heart month. On July 29, 2013 Congenital Heart Disease/Defect (CHD) hit close to home for me. ...
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The Longest Yard

The road to redemption is quite a long one when it comes to a person trying to change their life for the better. While in theory, this would seem a very simple task to accomplish, yet in reality this is far from the case. In Au...
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Salon PK


Growing your hair out from relaxed to natural can surely be a daunting task; however, there are several strategies that can reduce the fret and frizz of the transition. The ease of these strategies will be based on your natural...
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Mixing Courage with Activity by Pastor John E. Guns

Recently I preached a sermon about my favorite biblical character David, the stately King and skilled warrior.  David, outside of Jesus Christ in my opinion, serves as our Faith’s most intriguing figure.  I offer to you the...
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Referral of A Lifetime

The Referral of a Lifetime

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Overall Review 5 / 5 - Excellent
Life Changing!
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