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Angell Davis

March 5, 2014

Open Arms

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Written by: Angell Davis

In the Bible, the story of the prodigal son entails a father who leaves the younger of his two sons his inheritance before he dies. The younger son, after going off to a foreign land and wasting his fortune, goes hungry during a famine. He then repents and returns home, where the father holds a feast to celebrate his return. Despite the adversity the prodigal son faced, his father still celebrated his return back to them.

In many ways Quintin Demps is that prodigal son returning back to Christ after straying away on his own. “It took the right kind of adversity to drive me back to Christ. I grew up knowing that there are things that I shouldn’t do. I got tired of the way I was living; being a liar, a cheater and fighting with insecurities. I had to seek God.” Seeking God was the best decision that Quintin has made and it propelled him to walk in his purpose.

His purpose was birthed in San Antonio, TX and flourished when he obtained a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) on a four year football scholarship. Although Quintin always enjoyed rapping, he didn’t really explore the realms of his musical talents until he attended college. “I have always been a writer but I didn’t take my rapping serious until I started college and bought a microphone.” His aspirations to expand his first record label, Red Shirt Records, dissolved quickly once his football career took off. Quintin entered the NFL Draft in 2008 and was selected in the fourth round by the Philadelphia Eagles. After serving a brief stint with the United Football League’s Hartford Colonials, he rejoined the NFL in 2010 as the Safety for the Houston Texans, before signing with Kansas City Chiefs in 2013.

quintonIt was in the midst of his football transitions that he decided to use his NFL status as a catalyst to spread the word and encourage a personal relationship with God. In 2012, Quintin founded Purpose By Faith Music Group and began writing and recording original music such as his single “No Struggle.” The mission of the label is to use all genres of music as a tool to influence the youth and provide an alternative sound that will change lives.  “I want this label to be effective and successful.  My desire is to give overlooked talent a chance and to encourage them to go after their passion and dreams. I want to allow them to reach their highest potential and release great music.”

Purpose By Faith logoThe label is rapidly growing and generating more and more followers. These followers are driven to the website for Purpose By Faith which consists of blogs, apparel such as T-Shirts, downloads and contests. Quintin is currently working on his new album due to be released in the summer of this year (2014). In preparation of his release, he held a talent search competition in search of a singer to be featured on his upcoming album. The winner, Elison Morban, received a free trip to Texas to accompany Quintin to a studio session, dinner, and church service.

Along with being an athlete, a successful rapper, and a label owner, Quintin also strives in motivating and encouraging others by sharing his testimony.  He shares his testimony of being rooted in a Christian environment, straying from God and His purpose, and then returning back to God with full force.

“It’s a challenge, in general, being devoted to Jesus because the world is so tempting. It’s easy to just go with the grain but it’s harder to go against the grain. Football may bring a different level of temptation that others may not come in contact with but we all endure temptations in life. You have to really want it; you can’t be half way in and half way out.  When you’re all the way in then He’ll provide a way for you.”

One of his most memorable speaking engagements was a time when he didn’t think he did well with the speech. “I expect perfection and I didn’t feel like I achieved it when I gave my testimony. Somehow in the midst of my disappointment I ended up rapping acappella for them and received a standing ovation. This made me realize that there’s always something good that can come out of a bad situation.”

Quintin “Q” Demps is paving the way for anyone who walked away from God and their divine purpose, only to feel as though they can’t return. “Football has taught me so much about life. I have learned how to overcome barriers, how to persevere and how to handle criticism. You have to realize that life is going to happen and even though you get knocked down, you can always get back up.” Quintin demonstrates, through his own testimony, how it’s possible to get knocked down and still have the strength to run back into God’s open arms full of mercy and grace.

For more information about Purpose by Faith or to download “No Struggle,” visit http://www.purposebyfaith.com.  Stay connected to Quintin Demps and Purpose By Faith on Twitter @purposebyfaith

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Angell Davis
Angell Davis
Angell Marcella Davis is a Cleveland, OH native who has always had a passion for writing. Poetic, thoughtful, opinionated, and driven; she has been determined to get NtoU to greater summits for the last seven years. So far on her quest for excellence, Angell has yet to fail. Her constant smile would lead many to believe that making NtoU happen is easy, hence many have tried and few endured. In her most honest moments, Angell has revealed that doing this on her own is exhausting to say the least. Virtuous, sensitive, empathetic, and compassionate; still she perseveres, because in her own words, “I want to be that light in their (the readers) dark place.” Click NT logo below to read more.

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