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D.D'Angelo Green

February 14, 2013

One Time

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Written by: d.d'angelo green

This is a shout out to all my brothas who have their own/ I mean those who not only own their own cars and homes, but more importantly, I mean my dudes who own their own thoughts and ideas/ know what a man should be and don’t look to popular culture to tell him what that is/ I’m talkin bout my dudes who recognize the size of their own shoes and fill em/ who know that everybody can’t be a thug, a hustler, or a killer/ somebody’s gotta be realer/ so…shout out to all my dudes in the struggle who ain’t Mommas boys but know how to love and respect their own Mother/ now das a real brother/ one time for my guys who rise before the sun to go fill an occupation just to take care of their own son, and possibly some other one’s/ a fist in the air if you will/ stand still, for my dudes who know that a man’s worth is not measured by the length of his johnson nor by the size of the clip that holds his dollar bills/ who love hard without the aid of cialis or enzyte/ and understand that love is best expressed when your actions match the air flowing through your windpipe/ over your tongue and off your lips/ One time for my dudes who like a woman’s mind to be more fine than her hips/ who like em refined and equipped… I say it that way cause I like how it sounds and I’m tired of hearing the wrong people running the words grown, and sexy, into the ground/ One time…again I say/ for my dudes who understand that being a man is far more than what you make/ especially if what you making ain’t a difference/ those who realize the worth of Fatherhood and ain’t just running round dropping dependents and EIC’s/ here’s to my guys who realize that we got enough Pac’s and B.I.G.’s/ who can look in the mirror and can be proud of what they see/ in God’s image made fearfully and wonderfully created/ one time for my dudes who realize that  life is far more than trying to “make it”/ unless Heaven is the subject/ and don’t vicariously live in the space of another, like a personality sublet/ so, if by any chance you do not fit the description of these men and, find yourself leaning towards the opposite/ I suggest you look to your left and to your right because somewhere close by you there is a real man in sight!!

About the Author

d.d'angelo green
d.d'angelo green
Hello World! When Angell asked me to author this column for N to U, I was very excited. As a man, I know that there are many issues that we as men need to tackle and conquer if we are to ever be able to fully live out our intended purpose for existence. For this reason, I have taken this opportunity as a chance to help not only other men, but myself as well. I intend to address some issues that may be plaguing men across humanity to see if I can spark some thought, change, and growth in myself and in the lives of all who care to read; both male and female.

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