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November 11, 2011

Mixing Courage with Activity by Pastor John E. Guns

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Recently I preached a sermon about my favorite biblical character David, the stately King and skilled warrior.  David, outside of Jesus Christ in my opinion, serves as our Faith’s most intriguing figure.  I offer to you these points that come from I Samuel 17; of course it refers to David’s epic battle with Goliath.  This battle has been used to describe every great BIG vs. small battle in sports.  David, a shepherd boy, faces the skilled undefeated giant name Goliath.  Undaunted, David used the power and strength of God to not only confront the giant but to defeat him as well.

Well, I noticed something; I noticed that David mixed courage with activity.  He did not become intimidated just because of the odds of failure were stacked against him.  In fact, he rose up and determined that failure was not an option because God was on his side.  In verses 45-47, David boldly proclaims that the victory is his because of the God he serves.  Wow! What a moment in history.  David, unafraid, takes on the one who thought he could not be defeated and DAVID DEFEATS HIM!!  That is God working through humanity and achieving his purpose for greater glory!

I want to encourage you to not allow anything or anyone to cause you to fear and become paralyzed into inactivity.  In this season of your life, be willing to pursue fully and completely all that God has for you.  Courage then becomes a necessary trait to achieve God’s plan and mixing it with activity is an unbeatable combination. 

Your courage is really faith in action and your unrelenting belief that God is worthy to be trusted.

  As David went into the valley so must you and face your Goliath. Goliath is only the test of your faith.  So what is it that God is calling you to?  What is it that God wants to trust you with?  What is God staking his reputation on by putting it in your hand?  Why is God willing to risk his name because of you?  It’s awesome that God would trust you like this so go forth and refuse to be afraid.  Let me offer some helpful hints to reaching this next level in your life:

1.  Find your niche and trust it by executing it.  This means you must discern God’s uniqueness in your life and invest your energy and effort in being it.

2.  Risk possibility of public failure, humiliation, and criticism by pursuing what God has called you to.  This requires courage and faith beyond words.  So you must feed your faith with the Word of God daily so you can grow consistently!

Trust me on this one, if you go after God’s will and if you embrace your moment, whatever it is, you will be amazed that God always comes through.  Wow! What a great day to trust God for more. Refuse to stay wherever you are right now.  Choose the better part.  Have a Swagtastic Life.

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