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September 14, 2011

Chameleons by Wade Branson

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Chameleons are everywhere you look. Everyone is always adapting to their surroundings and the expectations of others. We play the role that fits the situation best. When does a person truly think, act and project their true self? A sense of humor is tempered at work or church. It’s a shame that we have the right to free speech but cannot exercise it. We play the part that others expect when we’re out with friends. We try to become the sum of all the songs we know. Mostly, we try to project an image of what we’d like to be, not necessarily who we really are. So often there is a thug in a club who is actually a sensitive caring father missing a child. There are upstanding morally correct women in fine clothes singing in the choir who spend Saturday afternoon drinking with their best friend’s husband. The “crazy” friend who makes everybody laugh sits at the kitchen table at two in the morning feeling empty and hollow. The quiet girl who seems so shy and withdrawn writes things in a diary that reads like a pornographic murderous incantation. Still, we all play the part that we feel is acceptable to those around us. Still, we look for what fits in. Constantly adapting, changing our shapes and colors, molding our souls, we are chameleons. Imagine that for one day, even if only for one day, we could all just be ourselves. What an interesting day that would be.

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