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Salon PK

HAIR TIPS: BACK TO SCHOOL BEAUTY – An apple for the teacher

The first few days of school can be nerve racking, filled with the promise of a new beginning, so why not give your look a fresh start too?  For years, your yearbook photos have looked the same; the same twin-set and smile as ...
by Pekela


Hair Tips: Dominican Round Brushing On Relaxed & Coarse Hair?

I must share that Dominican/Brazilian blowouts are just an alternate method for pressing and silking hair; it is not a better method. In fact, most African-American hair textures will began to experience considerable breakage i...
by Pekela


Salon PK

HAIR TIPS: The Natural Option

Growing your hair out from relaxed to natural can surely be a daunting task; however there are several strategies that can reduce the fret and frizz of the transition. The ease of these strategies will be based on your natural ...
by Pekela


Hair Tips: A Word on Good Hair

So we’ve all seen the commercials for Chris Rocks’ newest documentary “Good Hair” and it has me really thinking about what that term means.  As an African-American who is also a hair stylist, I can both understand as ...
by Pekela



Hair Tips: Today’s Style for Mature Women

A stylish middle aged woman stopped me the other day and asked if it would be appropriate for her to sport the same looks that have been displayed on my website. This question got my wheels turning; are there still women in 201...
by Pekela


Hair Tips by Pekela Riley

Sweet Dreams Darling! You don’t have to lose sleep to stay beautiful. Here are some expert recommendations to refine and refresh your hair and skin while you rest. Repair-Care While You Rest: Over night Hair Masks Better- Use...
by Pekela



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