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Artistically Speaking

The Renaissance period embodied one of the best artists, Michelangelo, of its time. His work demonstrated a blend of psychological insight, physical realism and intensity never before seen. There is no wonder why Jacksonville n...
by Angell Davis


Open Arms

In the Bible, the story of the prodigal son entails a father who leaves the younger of his two sons his inheritance before he dies. The younger son, after going off to a foreign land and wasting his fortune, goes hungry during ...
by Angell Davis



God’s Free Agent

A free agent is a player who is eligible to sign with any franchise and is not under contract to any specific team. This player may also be allowed to solicit contract offers from other teams. However, they are still warranted ...
by Angell Davis

Cover - Spensor Mr. CPA


It’s no secret; many are feeling the effects of the economic crisis.  Wide spread job losses have caused many foreclosure actions and consumer debt lawsuits.  Fortunately, there are CPAs and Attorneys who specialize in prot...
by Angell Davis


Darrin Henson

Darrin Henson: A Man with No Limits

The speaker entered the crowded room with great poise and confidence. The humbleness of his nature was communicated throughout the many intrigued faces that surrounded him. “Who am I? Do you really know me?” You could have ...
by Angell Davis


Don’t Call it a Comeback!

You can’t turn on a television anywhere in the world without seeing street dancers in one form or another. Therefore, I decided to contact “The Bob Fosse of the Streets” to get his unique perspective on the global dance p...
by Angell Davis



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