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Health Matters w/ Chris “Mr RenewU” Courtenay

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….. HAPPY NEW YEEEAARR!!! Yes it is that time again. Champaign, balloons, confetti, and kazoos fill thousands of homes and parties. We celebrate making it thru the last year and the possibilities of the year that...
by Chris Courtenay


Moving with Purpose beyond My Comfort Zone

Being human makes us all prone to making mistakes and Lord knows that I am no different.  Often times when I write these Health Matter articles, though I’m sharing with you, I’m really speaking to myself.  Recently, God a...
by Chris Courtenay



A Commitment without Commitment is Impossible with Man

Commitment is a difficult thing for most people to commit to and follow through on.  Let me drop a few synonyms of the word commitment on you; promise (n):  pledge, vow, obligation, dedication, assurance and binder.  Here la...
by Chris Courtenay


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