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Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T)

The debate continues year after year during and after every NFL season. The conversations get very intense amongst rabid fans, even those who claim no allegiance to either the Indianapolis Colts or New England Patriots. Who’s...
by Chris Ward


Another STA[I]R to Climb

As we draw closer to another National Basketball Association (NBA) season, I find myself wondering what one has to do for an encore! This is the dilemma that the “Air Apparent” himself has to be jostling with every year. He...
by Chris Ward



How about them Cowboys!

It seems like it was just yesterday that all of the hoopla surrounding “America’s Team” was as widespread as the news of our first African American President.  Now, just like the events of the 2008 Election, any hope of ...
by Chris Ward


The Longest Yard

The road to redemption is quite a long one when it comes to a person trying to change their life for the better. While in theory, this would seem a very simple task to accomplish, yet in reality this is far from the case. In Au...
by Chris Ward



What’s in a Name?

The National Football League’s (NFL) Jacksonville Jaguars franchise got an early Christmas present this summer. Their home field, formerly known as Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, and also known for having plenty of empty tea...
by Chris Ward


Cheaters NEVER WIN…Right?

It’s an ageless phrase that we’ve all heard growing up as kids while playing the most simplistic of games. Now lets be honest, everyone has been presented with at least one situation where you had to perform at a very high ...
by Chris Ward



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