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The Therapeutic Voice

The word “therapy” basically means the curing, healing and treatment of a direct health problem, rather emotional, mental or physical. At the tender age of 10 Curlisa Clinton was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, a c...
by Angell Davis


Colorful Dreams

As a woman of color, Jill St. Williams refuses to limit her dreams to just women of color. In 2012 Jill started her own cosmetic line, Jay-Jill Cosmetics, and is leaving her colorful mark on the world.  Growing up in Gainesvil...
by Angell Davis



The Graceful Butterfly

35 years ago Narlene married Vaughn McLaughlin and soon thereafter became the First Lady of what is now the Potter’s House International Ministries in Jacksonville, FL. Her husband, who is now a Bishop
by Angell Davis


A Woman’s Touch

The essence of a woman is one who attracts people just by the smile she wears, even in spite of her struggles. Denisha Williams’ smile draws people in and is a gift she shares with everyone she encounters. Her passion resides...
by Angell Davis



The Silence on The Road

“There is a road. An arduous road filled with danger. A road that has struck fear in billions and billions of hearts and has the power to send a shudder running through your body and chills running down your spine just by thi...
by Angell Davis


The Songs of a Caged Byrd

Imagine, if you will, being a beautiful single young woman. You had a failed relationship that left you alone and pregnant with your first child. Although you are a little discouraged, you still have that hope that you would me...
by Angell Davis



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