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Overcoming Self-Reflections

Overcoming the world despite life’s struggles is a mission that Jacksonville’s own MJ Baker sets out to do every time she plays her music. Raised in a Christian environment, MJ grew up singing praise and worship in choirs a...
by Angell Davis


Knight Krawler

“I have the mind of a writer; this is my soul, my life, and my heart’s my amplifier, I don’t need no mic. Patiently waiting in the shadows until the time was right, and my heart’s my amplifier, I don’t need a ...
by Angell Davis



Moses West

When people think of poetry in Jacksonville, Fl. the first name that comes to mind is Moses West. With his suave style and character, wicked sense of humor, desire to say what’s on his mind and his ability to draw in a crowd ...
by Angell Davis


The Angell with the Broken Wing

Sometimes it seems like I’m going in circles, round and round… Running from these negative thoughts trying to keep me bound. On a restless journey, day in and day out… Trying to find out what this thing called...
by Angell Davis


Spread your wings and fly!


What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Where do you turn when there seems no way? What do you do when you’ve done all you can? What’s left to say when you’ve said all you could say? Left here feeling like a cage...
by Angell Davis



Sometimes- In the midst of all my darkest fears. In the center of all my deepest desires, all my craziest dreams… Sometimes- Thru all my trials and tribulations – all my heartaches and pains. Sometimes- When I’...
by Angell Davis



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