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Talundria LaTrese Prince

March 15, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Linda Ngo

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Written by: T. Latrese Prince
Linda Ngo

Linda Ngo (pronounced No) was born in Lawton, OK, but now resides in Dallas, TX.  She is the proud owner of Ngo Limit Productions, which was established 3 years ago and is located in the downtown area of Dallas. She definitely has no limit when it comes to her endeavors as an entrepreneur.  Ngo Limit uses the entertainment industry to mentor, develop and train youths in their field of interest. Its purpose is to develop and enhance their characteristics and perspectives, as well as get them exposure via showcases, auditions, runway/ fashion events, and local productions, to name a few.  Ngo Limit also prepares the youth mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for life and the world of entertainment. 

I don’t care about your size, color, shape or form, as long as you are open minded and confident within yourself…that’s True Beauty.”  

Linda gives credit to God for opening the agency because “there’s not enough financial gain to make it as an agent in Dallas. The city is conservative to the world of entertainment and is monopolized by a few agents that have been around for many years. However, this creation has set a foundation that has allowed more opportunity-gain.  So, I know God created this vision to attract people into an organization that will allow Him to get the glory, as they get the education and experience the WORD all at the same time.”

Ngo Limit’s resume includes, but not limited to: their talents obtaining leading roles in local plays, models being booked with High End Couture Clothing Designers, a few students having branched into owning their own promotions companies, reconciled a few parent/sibling relationships,  produced and assisted in various fashion productions, organized many homeless community events, along with providing individuals and business owners with PR services including image, branding and marketing campaigns.

Linda is also the director of promotions, producer and host of an internet talk radio show called “The Art of Exposure,” which she started 6 months ago and is currently averaging about 15,000 listeners. “We’ll voice what others are thinking but too afraid to say, with class, dignity and God’s Grace!” Linda would like to leave the readers with the following thoughts: “Being positive allows you to speak positive, which will produce positive thoughts and in turn, yields positive results!” and “Don’t allow your past to rape you of your future!”

Tune in to Linda’s talk radio show at www.fishbowlradionetwork.com on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-1pm Central Standard Time or watch the show live at www.ustream.tv and search for “The Art of Exposure.” Also check her out at www.ngolimitproductions.com

About the Author

T. Latrese Prince
T. Latrese Prince
A college graduate, Trese received her Master’s of Science Degree in Human Services with a specialization in Counseling; she has her eyes set on central or south Florida within the next 3-4 years to pursue a PhD in Psychology. “I love to get into people’s heads. I kind of feel like I’ve been a counselor all my life; I mean, my friends came to me for advice all the time.” Click NT logo below to read more.

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