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Artistically Speaking

The Renaissance period embodied one of the best artists, Michelangelo, of its time. His work demonstrated a blend of psychological insight, physical realism and intensity never before seen. There is no wonder why Jacksonville n...
by Angell Davis


The Chef’s Specialty

Have you ever been in the mood for broiled blue crab jumbo lump crab cakes with organic greens, tropical fruit salsa, topped with lemon butter sauce? Or perhaps the savoring flavors of mahi-mahi, shrimp and sea scallops, with c...
by Angell Davis



Lyrically Given

Hip-hop, despite its growth over the past 20 years, still can have a negative overtone due to its progressively crude and often violent lyrics. However, there are some artists pushing beyond the boundaries and transforming hip-...
by Angell Davis


A Conversation From The Heart

Anita Baker is one of the most successful comedy promoters in Jacksonville, FL. Her passion to bring about change in her community was the driving force behind bringing comedy, stimulating conversation and pure entertainment to...
by Angell Davis



Open Arms

In the Bible, the story of the prodigal son entails a father who leaves the younger of his two sons his inheritance before he dies. The younger son, after going off to a foreign land and wasting his fortune, goes hungry during ...
by Angell Davis


The Experienced Lesson

Life’s lessons are taught to us daily, whether or not we choose to learn from them is the true question. Soul singer Kia Nicole answers that question through the art of music. Her soulful voice captivates any crowd, large or ...
by Angell Davis