NtoU MAGAZINE offers a fresh new look at life in and around the world. With the world being such a diverse place …we thought why not create a magazine that will serve the diverse demand for development from a spiritual and positive perspective? Why not create a magazine that’s for the people and about the people? NtoU provides the most accurate information from local artists trying to make it to business owners on the rise. It not only offers information about things going on in the local neighborhoods but it also gives us a better understanding about what’s going on in the world. This online publication is the ultimate guide to positive entertainment, business ventures and living.

NtoU consists of articles, profiles, photos, advertisements (including discounts and contests) and imagery that will capture the attention of the spiritual and non-spiritual consumer, no matter what age or race. NtoU Magazine’s purpose is to get the world to come together as one and we are NtoU so much that we will illustrate who you really are as a person, a business and/or as a resident.